Gemini Horoscope

Oct 21, 2021… You could get in touch with your giving spirit today. Geminis are often famous for always doing nice things for their fellow humans. There are times you feel that your good deeds are unappreciated, but not today. Vibes of gratitude and happiness will be at a high. Tap right on into that stuff! It can lighten your heart and lift your spirit knowing that you’ve done a good thing and someone noticed.

Today’s Soul Advice: The morning mists rise to reveal the day, clarity emerging from the haze. Your path is there; the fog simply has yet to burn off and reveal the way. Once you start really listening to your soul, simply watch for the rising mists.


A Morning Meditation to Kickstart Your Day

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While not deeply emotional except with a cherished few, Geminis are idealistic enough to not want to bend even an inch when it comes to fighting for a higher purpose. Like many Air signs, intellectual pursuits often are more important to them than personal relationships, although they will likely keep a few close friends or a partner. They may have to learn in life that compromise is important in relationships, as sometimes they put principle over people. However, they have an originality and a special vibe that sets them apart from the crowd.