Scorpio Horoscope

Jul 23, 2019… You could feel like you’ve reached your limit today. Scorpios know when they’ve had enough. As a matter of fact, while Scorpios sometimes retreat when their limits are triggered — that won’t be your energy today. If someone disrespects you or you feel hurt, it can be difficult for you to hold back your onslaught. Try to keep your cool and remember: you can’t control people’s actions, only how you respond. You’ve got this.

Today’s Soul Advice: Some might say that hope is a double-edged sword. On one hand, hope can inspire us to keep going and push us forward in otherwise dismal situations. On the other hand, when your hopes are dashed, you can feel really let down. Still, hope is essential for bringing your desires into reality and it keeps us going through the darkest times. Never give up. Hope will always be one of mankind’s greatest weapons.