Scorpio Horoscope

Aug 4, 2021… Scorpios can be torn between inspiring visions and normal responsibilities today. If you are bursting with inspiration or creativity, run with it if you can. This kind of energy doesn’t come around every day. Even if you aren’t able to put your ideas in motion, see it in your mind to start a brand new intention. You never know when the opportunity will come up to take some action to get you even closer to those dreams of yours.

Today’s Soul Advice: Don’t settle for a life less than you are capable of living. Let your passion flourish and never tell yourself you can’t do better. You can do nearly anything you put your mind to. There is always another stair to climb, you just have to be willing to take the extra step. No matter what calls to you or pulls on your soul, this is your time to reach out and grab it.


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This water sign is profoundly emotional, but they often prefer to keep it just below the surface. It simmers and tends to escape right through their pores. Others see them as intense, magnetic, and sensual. Scorpios who are self-reflective are aware of their power and often use it to climb the ladder of life, usually ending up in positions of responsibility. Once a Scorpio chooses their higher vibe, their message of goodness can be very profound.