Scorpio Horoscope

Apr 13, 2021… Scorpios will likely be very forgiving today, making it easy for them to accept the faults of people they love. Accepting mistakes and flaws relieves you of the burden of carrying around frustration. Dropping off the bad feelings at the door doesn’t mean forgetting; it just means freedom from some intensity you can carry. Forgiveness is best served without expecting anything in return, so just enjoy the act of love for what it is and how it raises your own energy.

Today’s Soul Advice: People who will matter in your life don’t measure you by the things you have or even the things you don’t have. Most often, you will be judged by how you treat them, how you made them feel and how kind you were to them. Knowing this, you can worry a little less about material things.


This water sign is profoundly emotional, but they often prefer to keep it just below the surface. It simmers and tends to escape right through their pores. Others see them as intense, magnetic, and sensual. Scorpios who are self-reflective are aware of their power and often use it to climb the ladder of life, usually ending up in positions of responsibility. Once a Scorpio chooses their higher vibe, their message of goodness can be very profound.