Leo Horoscope

Aug 2, 2021… You will likely feel inspired to create something today. Will it be something artistic, musical, written, or decorative? Don’t hold back, as today’s projects will be more fruitful than usual. Creative expression is essential for you to feel centered. If you can find a little time in your busy life to create something new, the energy will be amazing for feeling inspired. It can really put an extra sparkle in your eye.

Today’s Soul Advice: We humans can be pretty hard on ourselves sometimes. Often we spend more time beating ourselves up over our mistakes than we do celebrating our wins. Yet, when we focus on what’s wrong, we get stressed out and set ourselves up for more mishaps. Take the time to love yourself for all the wonderful things you are, and you may just find that helps you create even more magical moments worth celebrating.


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This fire sign enjoys romance and pleasure: both emotionally and physically, and the more creative, the better. They are faithful, and will take up the cause of those they care about without hesitation. They have courage in spades and they tend to seek emotional and spiritual fulfillment all through their lives.