Leo Horoscope

Oct 21, 2021… Leos can be challenged by communications with a close relationship today. A straightforward Leo could be stumped with how to give way to their sensitive side. Hold off on the bluntness and give softness a try. Start conversations with some empathy and understanding to avoid putting people on the defensive. By approaching conversations with tact and diplomacy, your relationships can take a turn for the better today.

Today’s Soul Advice: The morning mists rise to reveal the day, clarity emerging from the haze. Your path is there; the fog simply has yet to burn off and reveal the way. Once you start really listening to your soul, simply watch for the rising mists.


A Morning Meditation to Kickstart Your Day

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This fire sign enjoys romance and pleasure: both emotionally and physically, and the more creative, the better. They are faithful, and will take up the cause of those they care about without hesitation. They have courage in spades and they tend to seek emotional and spiritual fulfillment all through their lives.