Virgo Horoscope

Oct 21, 2021… Virgos find themselves going to a deeper level with a friend or partner today. Making time for these connections gives you the energy and recharge you need to get through the rest of the week. If you’re a little on the lonely side, rest assured that today’s energy can attract a meeting with others, so get out there or online and enjoy being with people today, Virgo.

Today’s Soul Advice: The morning mists rise to reveal the day, clarity emerging from the haze. Your path is there; the fog simply has yet to burn off and reveal the way. Once you start really listening to your soul, simply watch for the rising mists.


A Morning Meditation to Kickstart Your Day

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Having a strong personality that can be blunt and direct at best or picky and difficult at worst, Virgos do let you know exactly where you stand in their lives. Sometimes work or career can become more important to the Virgo than their friends or relationships, especially if they are working towards a higher calling. Yet, their loyalty is undeniable and once open, they can be warm, caring, and exceptional gracious.