Virgo Horoscope

Jan 21, 2019… Virgos could get a little bit of the Monday blues today. Let’s face it: it is pretty easy to feel overwhelmed at the start of the week. However, there will be an energy brewing that can give you a boost to turn it into a fantastic day. Tap into the side of Virgo that appreciates and sees the gorgeous things about life and its pleasures. Once you’re seeing the beauty in the ordinary, you can turn this day around and make it a magical Monday.

Today’s Soul Advice: Friends are incredible gifts. Like when you need to call a particular someone about an experience that was incredibly fantastic or unfortunate, your friends are the ones who listen. It is the gift of fits of giggles and inside jokes. Friendship can be easy, but sometimes it takes work, too. It’s speaking every day or a few times a year and being able to pick up where you left off. Friends come and go. Some stay with us for a lifetime, while others are only temporary. All are valuable and come into your life for a reason.

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